Wangfujing, Beijing, 2009.

About James Sebright

As a photographer, I work within the broad context and tradition of the landscape, be it rural or urban. In particular, I am interested in the inter-relationship between humans and their environment; that which we create and alter, and that which in turn alters us. Whilst my work crosses the boundaries between documentary and fine art photography, I would prefer to describe myself as a humanist photographer; I believe that photographs can speak of things that where words fail, and can communicate those things to a wider audience in an eloquent and beautiful form.

Much of my work is created in places far afield such as China, Japan, Syria and Morocco. I was a photographer before I even picked up a camera, poring over copies of the National Geographic as a boy; I was curious and wanted to know about the world I live in and those others in it. This ethic still runs through my work; honesty, integrity and interest. That said, I also work in my own country and find the English an endless source of curiosity and interest.

2012 was an important year for me, including my first solo exhibition for my project One In Five: Photographs from China, plus my first artists' residency in Casablanca, Morocco, where I explored the changing nature of the city.

I hope to develop my work through further projects with a view to further exhibitions and publication. I live and work in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I am a contributing member of Millennium Images, Alamy Images and Getty Images. I am also a Digitalab Featured Photographer. Read about my image from Syria entitled "El Classico" on Digitalab's blog.

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