Chef, Beijing, 2009.

Exhibitions and publications


Fujifilm Student Photographer of the Year Awards, London, UK. Shortlisted.

Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. End of year show.

RAW Photographers exhibition, theprintspace, London, UK.


4 images in Urban Wildscapes, by Anna Jorgensen and Richard Keenan, published by Routledge. ISBN-10: 0415581060.

Quire Exhibition, Sunderland, UK.

In Pictures exhibition, The Guardian, London, UK.


The Borders Project, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Curated by Situation Rhubarb.

Sunderland Art Prize, Sunderland, UK. Curated by Departure Foundation

One in Five: Photographs from China, Oriental Museum, Durham, UK. 22nd June - 16th September 2012.

Advent and Adventure: Group exhibition at the Holy Biscuit, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, December 2012. Received Honourable Mention.


Carlisle Photo Festival, Carlisle, UK. Displayed 2 images from the series "Casablanca: Deconstruction, Reconstruction".

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